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There are many artists who are unemployed and they want a good job in this Art domain but due to less availability of artist management companies, they are unable to get jobs. As an Artist Management company, we provide the jobs to every unemployed talented artists who really want to execute something good in this field.

Launch Artist

We love to launch & promote the talented & genuine Artists and have already launched many new talented artists in this Industry. Our company is glad to welcome all those artists who want to show their talent at good platforms. If you are an artist and if you really want to launch yourself then please feel free to Contact Us… But we have to follow some protocols of our company, only then we can move for further launching procedures.

Nature Of Works

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Types of Music band & Theme: –     

(Indian classical, non-classical, Ghazal, classical & western fusion and Rock etc…)

1. Provide artists and live music band on contract bases in Hotel, art academy, club, mall and museum etc…                       

  • Types of artist :-  Singers, musicians, dancers, anchors, magicians and instrumentalists etc…           
  • Types of instruments & Theme :-  Sitar & tabla, synthesizer, violin, Grand piano, guitar, drum, congo, harmonium, flute, saxophone, harmonica and santoor etc…

2. Provide celebrity, artist and live band in a good & reputed events & concerts…

  • Types of event :-  Musical, inauguration, corporate, political, conferences, charity, products launch and exhibition events etc…           
  • Types of artist :-  Celebrities, singers, musicians, dancers, anchors, magicians, comedians, actors, instrumentalists, group dancers, painters & sketch artist, authors, models, writers and poets etc…

3. You can book any type of Artist(according to your wish) for workshops in School, college, academy & university etc. 

  • Like :- Celebrity, vocalist, musicians, players of (sitar, guitar, violin, sarangi, santoor, flute, mouthorgan, saxophone, tabla, congo, drummer, harmonium, synthesizer, grand piano) dancer, actor, model, anchor, comedian, sketch maker & painter etc.

4. Purpose :-  Promote our ‘culture of love‘ and ‘artists talent‘ through Music & Art .